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How To Succeed, Survive & Thrive In Hollywood

Personal Coaching: For TV & Screenwriters


 “David has catapulted me towards my desired leap of actually writing and developing a routine of regular progress, hopefully towards writing many scripts.”     – M. C. Cleereman (Screenwriter)

 Are you struggling to break into Hollywood as a tv/screenwriter? Still looking for an agent?  Still getting rejections?  Trouble cranking out pages?  Trouble networking?  Could you use advice from a professional?  I’m here to help.  Call David for FREE ADVICE;


*I’ve written for over 30 Tv shows. (for Robin Williams, ALF, Newhart, Tom Arnold, Rosanne, Drew Carey, Sarah Silverman, Pee Wee Herman and South Park)

* I’ve sold screenplays, been paid to develop and rewrite  screenplays, (by Speilberg) seen my films produced, created 5 TV shows.

If you’ve finished a spec script, we’ll make it a KILLER SPEC.  You get my expertise every step of the way.  I offer customized coaching toward YOUR goals. 

*Feature Drama
*Feature Comedy
*TV Drama
*TV Comedy

You get a Personalized Assessment:  With all the advantages of having a professional writer a phone call away.  We’ll meet in person or over the phone to  your idea, logline, outline or first draft.

I’ll get you on a Personal Plan that will keep you motivated and on-track in your writing.

I’ll guide you via In Person or Remote Sessions to maximize your progress, answer all your questions, help you solve story or character questions as they come up.

I have worked at the studios as a Story Analyst, judging scripts and picking only the best to recommend for greenlighting.  I’ll give you Professional Feedback on all your screenplay elements.

*Character Arcs
*Production Values
*Visual Storytelling

If you don’t have a spec script yet, NO PROBLEM. I’ll help you write one. 

   When you’ve finished your KILLER SPEC script, we’ll get you read by Producers & Agents.

We’ll get you entered in Nicholls, Sundance Labs, Austin Film Festival, Blacklist or other screenwriting contests.

  We’ll help you with networking & creating a buzz around you script.

 For a free 20 minute phone consult, call me, at 310-850-4707.

 Who is David Silverman?

I am a TV and film Writer, Producer, Showrunner.  I”ve written for  over 30 TV showscreated 5 TV shows, sold and rewritten feature length produced screenplays.

Link to My IMDB Movie and TV Writing and Producing Credits

Link to My Hollywood Therapy Blogs on the PsychCentral Website

 Image credit: Creative Commons, Dom Perignon Champagne, 2009 by geishaboy500, licensed under CC By 2.0

27 thoughts on “Phone Consult

  1. Hi David! John N Mare Washco here. Good luck with your endeavor. I know all about therapy. Did a ton of inner child work in the 90’s and it saved my life. Thank goodness that therapy and mental health issues are more widely accepted today, but still have a long way to go. Now we do our own form of therapy… Sweat Lodge. In 2000 we were taken under the wing of an Ojibway Medicine Man, and were taught all the traditional ways he grew up with in the bush of NW Ontario. We are authorized by him and the Tribal Chief to pour Sweat Lodge, put people out Fasting, pour Healing Sweat Lodge, conduct Pow Wow, make Traditional Medicine (roots and bark) and do public teaching. It’s been quite a journey the last 14 years. We’re like a modern day Dances With Wolves. But anyhow just wanted to drop a line and say, Hi and keep up the great work.

  2. I have some what of a script but more of story that I need made into a script to sale so I would like to know what is the charge for you to help me with it please get back to me

  3. Jesus, please feel free to call me anytime at 310-850-4707 about free information and other programs for screen/tv writers.


  4. Absolutely Martin. And if you ever want to discuss your tv/film writing career (or acting, filmmaking, etc), please feel free to call anytime at 310-850-4707


  5. Stu, my pleasure. If you’re interested in a career writing for tv or film, I know the way. Taught a course at UCLA EXT called “Breaking IN: Alternative Strategies.” Call free anytime 310-850-4707.

  6. Ok. Nicholas. Great to meet you. If you ever have questions about getting fast-0tracked on your way to a Hollywood job, let me know — I’ve done a lot of them — Production Asst, Story Analyst, Story Editor, Story Consultant, Producer, writer, screenwriter, Creator, Executive Producer, Showrunner, etc.

    Call me at 310-850-4707 for a free consult.

  7. Absolutely, give me a call any time. 310-850-4707. If I’m in a session, I’ll call you right back. Look forward to speaking with you Demetrius.


  8. Hi David,
    Would love your digital version of “Safe the Cat”. I already have the paper version – great book!

  9. I’m an actress/ model, but I have an unfinished book of my life that will be a hell of a movie. Any typos on how to go about writing for screen will be humble appreciated. Namaste. You are an honor to ” meet “& exchange info with.

  10. Got you. Will send copy. Into screenwriting coaching. I can get your spec script up to contest standards…. Industry standards, so they’ll HIRE YOU.

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